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Otrolight global technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in june 2016, having its registered address in delhi and works at noida.

The company was formed with the intent of introducing new technological breakthough in the "interior technology space". The first of its kind being flexible power outlet socket solution and many more to come.

The company is committed to the Modi govt vision of "Make in India" initiative.

Our vision : To constantly innovate, indtroducing path breaking product which make life easy, in the indian and international markets.The current endeavour of the company is in the interior technology space with the brand "EZ". Under the brand "EZ", the company is manufacturing flexible power outlet system (patent pending).

Otrolightglobal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has three dynamic directors with immense experience in manufacturing, new product development, sales and customer care.

Vijay Kumar Sinha-

Age 82 yrs automobile engineer with immense manufacturing experience of 50+ years.

Vishal Sinha-

Age 46 yrs, MBA, science graduate from delhi university with 22 years sales, distribution, marketing promotion and customer care experience in the indian telecom industry.

Rohan Kumar-

Age 27 yrs, Dynamic and young professional with experience in international trade and new product development.

Our Products

Power track

EZ power track is made of highest grade of architectural aluminium which revives the edge if any space. Internally it has been designed to perfection, with support walls made out of high grade plastic, providing natural force to ensure smooth flow of electricity through embeded high conducting copper tubes. Meeting commercial & residential requirement and offering great product robustness and long life.


The connector is a component which enables electrical conductivity from the power source to the power track also between two power tracks both in stright lines or at right angles.

Removable Sockets

Sockets are the main part of application, the part that allows the current to flow outwards. There is no wire across the application and the same continuous inside the sockets too. The sockets has rivets, once connected with the connector gets latched to metal part of the connector ensuring a safe flow of current.


Power track accessories are metallic fabrecated parts which are used at the extrem ends of the power track with thw primary objective of conceling the joints between two power track, either in a stright line or at right angles.

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